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Client Feedback

When I first came to see Tui I was pretty apprehensive about whether I could write a good CV for the jobs I wanted. However she stepped me through it and I felt really good. I actually left with a spring in my step.

Peter - University Graduate

Outplacement Services

Ease the emotional stress of involuntary redundancy or workplace transitions by providing outplacement services for your employees.

Achieve the best possible outcomes for your organisation and employees through difficult times of change.


Employees experiencing change or job loss are likely to do best when they are provided with personalised one-to-one support.

Group workshops tailored to your organisations specific requirements are an add-on service option to consider.


Service packages can be tailored to the unique needs of your employees and budget.

It's easy to specify the focus of the services you require. Just refer to the EASE Outplacement model and select the phases of focus.

What you can expect from Tui!


How do people deal with redundancy?

Change management and grief models such as Kübler Ross Grief Cycle provides us with a good understanding and answers to this question. Involuntary redundancy and career transition are described as one of the most traumatic events an employee may experience in life.

Tui Needham in alliance with Joanne Ostler developed an OUTPLACEMENT model that integrates change management through all phases of support. This model is based on critical investigations of current outplacement models, developmental theory and grief/transition counselling.

EASE Outplacement Model


© 2009 EASE - Tui Needham & Joanne Ostler

  1. Ease Impact of Job Loss, Career Change and Transition
  2. Assess Career Situation | Develop/Implement Career Plan
  3. Strategise  and Implement Job Search Plan
  4. Elevate Career Management Skills

*Please Note: Phase 1 - Ease Impact of Job Loss, Career Change & Transition is applicable throughout all phases of Outplacement support.

It may not be necessary for your employees to engage in all phases of outplacement. Their unique situation and needs are considered and will help to determine what phases of outplacement need to be focused on.

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