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Client Feedback

Tui made me feel welcome and showed me that the position I was seeking was her focus and getting me there was paramount to her. The facilitative questioning she used had me examine my personal and philosophical beliefs to do with my work. Tui got into my heart and had me examine who I am and what would be invaluable for the managerial position. She prepared me in all aspects of my job search. Tui is totally professional and worked quickly to a high standard on my behalf. She has also celebrated my success in securing the managerial position I was interviewed for.

Jude, Adult Seeking Career Advancement

Interview Tips

10 Steps for Job Interview Success

  1. Know yourself

  2. Research your employer

  3. Maintain professionalism throughout the interview

  4. Anticipate and practice answers to common and competency-based questions

  5. Keep your answers succinct and relevant

  6. Prepare questions you might ask

  7. If examples of your work is appropriate, compile a portfolio

  8. Dress professional, no matter what the job is. You are going to an interview not to work.

  9. Prepare for specific requirements of an interview e.g. practice aptitude tests

  10. Be enthusiastic about the position and have a great attitude. Attitude is no.1 for employers, and enthusiasm sells.


Prepare to answer common and competency-based interview questions.

Prepare mentally by understanding interview formats and practising responses to questions.

Be strategic in answering Competency-Based Interview Questions by learning how to apply the STAR Model.

Make sure you are prepared to answer those Common Questions Asked especially those opening questions like "Tell us about your career to date and one of your greatest achievements" and "Why do you want this position?" Or "What has attracted you to this position?".

Preparation is key to interview success and will also help you to present yourself well by being more relaxed and confident on the day.

Contact Tui for an Interview Coaching Session and ace that interview.