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Client Feedback

I was finding it increasingly frustrating and difficult to secure a new position which is an advancement from my current role. Tui gave me good feedback and direction around my interviewing techniques and I came away feeling more confident. At my very next interview, I was successful in securing the position. I was so happy with the services I received from Tui and the positive outcome that followed.

Tracy, Adult Seeking Career Advancement

CV Formats

Combination CV Format

Combines the chronological and functional formats by highlighting your areas of expertise and point of difference on the first page (at the start), and profiling your experience and achievements under each position held with the most recent first.

This is my preferred format for designing a CV because it is easy to tailor the CV for each position being applied for. Simply a matter of profiling areas of expertise, your point of difference and achievements aligned to the target position.

I also like the fact that clarity and context are achieved with the combination CV by placing achievement statements under the relevant employer and position held.

Chronological CV Format

Lists your employment history and achievements in each job, beginning with the most recent first.

Use a Chronological format: -

  • if you have remained in the same sector or industry of work
  • if you want to show how you have maintained a progressive career
  • to show how your next career step is a logical one
  • if you have no gaps in your employment


Functional CV Format

Highlights your experience and areas of expertise at the beginning and summarises your employment history in an ordered list toward the end.

Use a Functional CV format: -

  • if your most relevant work experience is not the most recent
  • if you are changing industires and need to highlight relevant experience and skills
  • if you have moved around alot and worked in a variety of jobs
  • if you are re-entering the workforce and you want to draw on experience and skills gained outside of work
  • if you have held the same position for years and you want to focus on skills rather than positions held.

Sample CV



Name & Contact Details

Professional Profile: Your unique point of difference (personal brand) and a brief background of experience, roles and employers, related to your target position and employing industry.

Areas of Expertise: List of key skills and experience aligned with your target position and employing industry.

Employment History - A short brief on the 'Primary Purpose' of each position held (current and most recent), and 2-3 'Achievement' statements.

Qualifications & Professional Development

Interests & Activities

Contact Referees


Pay close attention to application requirements and give them exactly what they want.

Don't use cover sheets, it just adds another page. Use attention grabbing headers on page one instead.

Send your CV in pdf or word formats. A pdf is great as it maintains your layout.

Layout your information in a well spaced, orderly format and use bullets to ensure an easy read.

Check and recheck for spelling, grammar, typo and formatting errors.