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Client Feedback

Before meeting with Tui, I lacked the confidence and skills for job search. Tui helped me to think about what I could do to build my confidence and together we came up with a plan that worked for me. Without the help from Tui I would have never got to where I am now and that is employed in the job I wanted.

Annette, Adult Job Seeker

5 Steps to writing fantastic cover letters

1. Use the template and sample provided (below)

Use the template and sample provided as a starting point and guide for creating your own personalised letter targeted to the positions you want.

2. Customise each letter to the position requirements by assessing ‘what the employer wants’ against ‘what you have’

Every time you write a cover letter you need to assess the ‘position requirements’ against ‘what you have’ and by doing this you are customising your letter to each position you apply for.

Refer to the ‘position requirements’ in the job description or advertisement to identify what the recruiter/employer wants. Also known as ‘person specifications’ or ‘qualification requirements’ and usually situated on the last 2 pages of the job description.

Once you have identified the ‘position requirements’, assess ‘what the recruiter/employer wants’ against ‘what you have’ by using a two-column table.

Cover Letter Sample:


3. Write simply and clearly.

Write simply and clearly by being direct and getting to the point on how you are the right person for the job. Don’t fluff around with cliché words such as ‘can-do-attitude’ or ‘people person’, just directly point out how you meet the requirements of the position.

4. Address the Letter to a Person

Wherever possible, address the letter to a person, if you dont know who, try and find out. If you cannot find a name to address the letter to, the preferred terms to use are either: "To whom it may concern" Or "Dear Sir or Madam"

5. Finally on Format & Accuracy

Correct letter writing format, well written in terms of customised content and structure as per template and sample provided, and no typing, grammar or spelling errors.Prof._CV

Example of assessing position requirements:

Retail Assistant

What they want

What I have

Someone who wants a career in retail not just a job

A career in retail is what I want and is a great fit for my personality. I love working in service roles, at the front desk and on the shop floor.

Friendly, energetic and motivated

I'm outgoing and energetic and I love to interact with others.

An excellent communicator

I interact really well with people of all ages. This is a strength of mine.

Highly attentive to detail

In my last position, I carried out stock takes and my accuracy was always commented upon.

Provides helpful, cheerful service

I enjoy helping people and do so with enthusiasm.

Inquisitive and loves to learn about new products

I believe there is always something to learn. I welcome opportunities to learn new skills.

At least 1 year experience in customer service or sales

I've worked in retail sales for 15 months now and I'm really keen to continue in this line of work.